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Giant Scallops U/10

Ours Giant Sea Scallop is harvested from the clear, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhotsk. Each individual piece is carefully processed by hand and immediately frozen to preserve its flavorful white meat. This unique wild product is a healthy choice and contains no additives or preservatives. Giant Sea Scallop can be served as an appetizer, main dish, or in combination with other seafood delights.


Tuna Steaks

This product can be CO or Non–CO Treated, skinless, boneless. Steak Packing sold in frozen form. Tuna steak is individually quick frozen and vacuum–packed. We can meet your requirements about different size, specification, grade, and packing.


Tilapia Fillets

Our Tilapia Fillets boneless and skinless, deep skinned or shallow skinned, CO or Non treated. They are 100% natural weight, individually vacuumed packed or by customerís requirements, and exports from China or Thailand year round. All sizes available.


Shrimp Vannamei

Unlike other shrimp, this variety can be supplied a year round. Vannamei shrimp is exported from Thailand and comes in different sizes and packaging. It is also known as Pacific White Shrimp. Like other seafood it is high in protein.


Black Tiger Shrimp

Black Tiger sea water Shrimp. This is product of Bangladesh and comes in different sizes. The season for this variety is June, July and August. It comes either Peeled. De–veined, and with either Tail on or off. It also can be easy to peel and comes raw or cooked with different packaging per the customer’s requirements. It is high in calcium and protein.



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