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About Us

About us

Global Food Importers Inc.strives to source the highest quality produce from the main growing areas of the world. To ensure that the product arrives at its final destination in optimum condition it is inspected at all stages from the farm, through transportation, storage and packing before dispatch to our customers.

Global Food Importers Inc. was established in 2001 as a sister company to Elo’s a Seattle based restaurant and manufacturer which had started in 1985. As a producer and supplier of traditional Russian foods to various retail chains in the Pacific Northwest, including pelmani and piroshkis, it was natural for Elo’s to expand its operation to that of importing specialty foods through Global Food Importers. From his several years of international trade experience, President of the company Michael Zhovtis undertook the responsibility of International market research. Global Food Importers Inc. has now expanded the business to where it imports and sells to several of the most recognized specialty food retail chains in the US. Some of our clients with over 500 retail outlets. For some customers we specialize in packaging under the retailer’s private label. Our expertise is importing freshly frozen fruits, vegetables and seafood from all over the world. Global Food Importers provides North American market with coverage through a network of distribution points across US and Canada.


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